Battery Packs for Mobile Devices

These are some of the power banks or battery packs for mobile devices which are used to charge USB-enabled phones, tablet PC, players and other devices while on the go. They belong to the universal accessories category. Most of the presented below battery packs are on a discount now. We’ve sorted them by their power capacity starting with the most powerful power bank chargers.

Anker 10000mAh universal USB external battery pack and charger (power bank) can provide more than 6 charging cycles for most of smartphones, for example. It has indicator lights so you can check capacity on the Anker charger. As a negative side of this charger we could call its bulky size. But that’s a required feature for such a high capacity power bank.

It costs $69.99 now (list price $143.79 which is higher than for the New Trent iCruiser IMP1000 11000mAh External Battery Pack which costs less than $100).
See other battery packs  which are less powerful, but with the lower price below.


Anker Astro2 8400mAh external battery pack and charger with flashlight which also has huge capacity of 8400 mAh and costs $51.99 on a discount ($86 list price).



Anker Astro 5600mAh external battery pack and charger (power bank) with flashlighthas 5600 mAh capacity, is smaller than the previous models. The manufacturer promises 3 charging cycles for smartphones with this power bank charger. Among the main pros of this charger customers mention first of all, its portability due to the small size. Moreover, this product has more reviews than other more powerful chargers.

The price for this accessory is $38.99 now (list price $53.93).





If the previous models seem bulky for you, look at Anker SlimTalk external battery pack and charger (power bank) with flashlight. Its capacity is 3200 mAh which enables recharging devices about 2 – 3 times.

This power bank charger costs $25.99 (list price $35.58) which is less than the price for the previous models.



ReVIVE Series solar ReStore external battery pack with universal USB charging port

If you are interested in solar power banks, look at the ReVIVE Series solar ReStore external battery pack with universal USB charging port can be an alternative solution to the previous battery packs for mobile devices.

Pros: solar capability is a good option for camping trips. The charger includes AC adapter, as well as mini and micro USB cable. It has window suction mounts and LED indicator to know power capacity .

Cons: some customers mention the product cannot charge their devices for needed time and shuts off. Some customers recommend this product for emergent cases. The overall reviews are highly ranked though. It costs $27.99 at this moment ($49.99 list price).

Best Cases and Covers for HTC EVO 4G

Cases for your smartphone are important for protecting your investment. Let’s take a look at some of the cases available for the HTC EVO 4G phone.

The Horizontal Pebbled Leather Pouch Case for HTC EVO 4G is a nice leather case that opens and closes with magnetic studs. The horizontal case is made of high grade leather and can be easily attached to the belt or waistband. This case fits the HTC EVO 4G perfectly giving it protection when not in use. This case belongs to cheap EVO phone cases which can be purchased now for $1.11 on at a discounted price.

Customers also mention as an advantage of this not so expensive case for EVO phone the opportunity to put the phone with a gel skin in it.





The HTC Messenger Case for HTC, HD2, EVO 4G is rather inexpensive case which is available for less than $6 now instead of the list price of $25. It is made from soft leather that protects your phone while not in use. The case fits the HTC phone perfectly and looks great on the belt at the same time. The case will protect the phone from scratches and the soft lining inside “cleans” the HTC phone when removing from the case.

The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves and out of more than 50 reviews this case has 4 out of 5 stars which is pretty impressive for the discounted price.





The Seidio innocase extended rugged hybrid case and holster for HTC EVO in black is a durable case for HTC EVO 4G which provides more protection than other less rugged cases. What you get with this case is the Ultimate Screen Guard which allows for touch screen activity, has a 3H hardness rating and is made from Japanese film. The scratch protection offered by the 1mm case adds protection without more bulk to your phone. The case holster will fit belts all the way up to 2 inch widths.

This is rather expensive case for the HTC EVO 4G phone – the list price is about $50 and now it costs less than $40 at a discounted price, but it is one of the best cases for EVO phone which customers recommend with the 3500 battery.




The HTC Evo 4G 3500mAh Extended Battery + Cover can be a good alternative to Seidio innocell 3500 mAh extended-Life battery for HTC EVO 4G comparing their prices (the former costs about $7, the Seidio extended battery for the HTC EVO 4G phone costs about $58 at a discounted price). The cheaper battery is rather popular among customers and a lot of them gave 5 stars to this phone accessory.

Best Accessories for the HTC Inspire 4G

OEM Iconic Vehicle Dock for HTC Inspire 4G This cradle and phone docking system works with the HTC Inspire ™ 4G smartphone and will attach to your dashboard or windshield very easily. As soon as you load your phone into the docking station it will open up the CarPanel app and from there you can get access to all the apps like Navigation, FootPrints, Voice Search, and View Map and Make a Call.

The base also has a microUSB port to charge the phone at the same time. This phone accessory can be purchased for around $35.




ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External Battery Pack and Charger
The charger provides on-the-go charging for two devices at the same time via DC or AC outlets. You can charge your device via an AC, DC or USB power supply. The charger also comes with an LED flashlight that lasts up to 40 hours on one charge. The overall charging time is about 3.5 hours. This charger is compact and can be purchased for around $25.
ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External Battery Pack and Charger is said to be universal phone accessory. It is perfect for not only the HTC smartphones like Droid Incredible 2, Droid Incredible, Droid Eris, HTC Inspire 4G, Freestyle, EVO 4G, EVO 3D 4G, EVO Shift 4G, ThunderBolt 4G, Sensation 4G, Status, HD7, HD7 S, Trophy, Surround, Arrive, Hero, Vigor, Glamor, Desire II, Desire S, Wildfire S, Eternity, Bresson, Rider, but also for Samsung, Motorola, Apple, BlackBerry and other smartphones, e-readers, etc which can be charged with a USB cable.



BTC8 Bluetooth FM Transmitter With Wireless Music Streaming & Hands Free Calling
Want an easier way to play music from your HTC Inspire 4G or any other Android or BlackBerry phone, iPad or iPhone while driving your car? Blootooth FM Transmitter, the universal phone accessory, lets you play music from your phone right through your car speakers. Such phones accessories let you transfer music from a phone to the speakers with superior sound quality. The FM transmitter comes with Auto-tune feature which allows to find the FM station easily pressing the control knob. It also has dual-mic to eliminate background noise while handsfree calls. This transmitter also charges a phone via the USB port. This phones accessory can be purchased for about $45.
One of the drawbacks of this accessory is its size. Some customers find it larger and longer than expected.



HTC Genuine Leather Case with Belt Clip is rather universal for HTC phones, including the HTC Inspire 4G. This horizontal leather pouch will protect your HTC Inspire and is stylish at the same time. It includes a rotating belt clip on the back and has suede inside to protect a phone.

The phone case is made by HTC and is compatible with over 20 phone models including the HTC Inspire 4G smartphone as well as the AT&T Tilt 2 8925, HTC Desire, HTC Imagio, HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO Shift 4G, HTC HD, HTC HD2 from T-Mobile, HTC Leo, HTC Surround, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Touch Pro 2 from T-Mobile, HTC Touch Pro2 from Sprint, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Touch Pro2 from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile Dash 3G, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide and T-Mobile myTouch 4G.

This case costs about $10 at a discounted price (instead of $40 of a listed price), which makes it not so expensive.

HTC Droid Incredible Best Accessories

Having a smartphone is one thing, but getting all the accessories for your phone is another. The HTC Droid Incredible and Incredible 2 both come with a great line of accessories and depending on where you buy them, you can really save some money picking them up. Amazon is a great place to buy accessories and one of the reasons is that they carry so many options for each phone.
One of the first things that you might consider is screen protectors.

On Amazon store you can pick up a 3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for HTC DROID Incredible for less than one dollar. Such cheap screen protectors for the HTC Droid Incredible are custom shaped for this phone, can be applied easily and will not leave a sticky residue. Keep dirt and other things from wrecking the screen is as easy as putting a screen protector on. Buying one pack without anything else doesn’t make sense, but if you add it to an order you already have, the shipping won’t cost you so much.




The HTC Stereo Headset is another accessory that adds to your overall experience especially if you listen to music on your smartphone. For less than $4 at a discounted price you can get the headphones that come in black and fit comfortably snug in your ear. You can answer and end calls with one switch and the headphones come with a remote control and 1 year warranty. The headphones fit the standard 3.5mm jack on the HTC Incredible smartphone. The product description says the headphones also fit the HTC EVO 4G, EVO Shift, myTouch 4G, G2, Surround.





Keeping your phone charged when you are on the go is one thing you want to remember.

Accessories like this travel wall charger with USB port is the perfect addition for your travel bag. This charging unit costs less than $5 at a discounted price and can be a big help for you when you are on the road. The USB port is located on the top allowing you to charge your phone and a battery at the same time. The wall prongs fold back into the body of the unit for safe storage. The battery charger will never overcharge your battery and that helps the longevity of the battery. It’s easy to switch charged batteries and use your phone without keeping it wired to charge it.
This charger will work for the HTC Droid Incredible as well as for the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Hero, Imagio, Ozone, Snap, Tilt 2, Verizon Droid Touch Pro.


The small charger OEM HTC USB travel charger adapter U250/ CNR6300/ 79H00095-14Mis also a good option for those that are on the go and traveling all the time. For less than $10 you can charge the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone with the microUSB. The wall unit and the cord disconnect for portability and ease of storage. This handy charger also works with the HTC EVO 4G, HD3, G2, A6366 Aria, Desire, Google Nexus One, Merge, Vision, MyTouch Slide, Wildfire, making it even more valuable.





Retractable vehicle car charger for HTC Droid Incredible by Verizon Wireless. This 12 V charger is small, easy to use and will charge the smartphone whether you are in your car, boat, RV or any other vehicle with a standard cigarette lighter. The best feature of this car charger is that the cord is retractable with a quick release button for superior portability. You won’t have to untangle any cords to get the charger ready to use while on the road. The charger comes with “Intelligent IC chip” that charges your battery full and switches to power saver mode to prevent battery damage. This charger is cheap and universal – it fits any device with a Micro-USB port.
On the other hand, Amazon customers often give low stars to it. Before putting this Retractable vehicle car charger for HTC Droid Incredible in your cart, read full reviews of the drawbacks.

HTC EVO 3D Tough Cases

Here are some of the HTC EVO 3D tough cases we’ve chosen to present on the basis of our analysis of the average Amazon customer reviews. Usually some of the manufacturers of phones accessories (cases first of all) are more popular than others, but their cases are more expensive. Among very popular cases for smartphones are OtterBox Defender Series, Case-Mate, Seidio cases. Let’s observe some of the best HTC EVO 3D tough cases.

See also the related reviews of other EVO 3D accessories like EVO 3D flexible cases and EVO 3D batteries.

OtterBox Defender-Series Hybrid Case and Holster for HTC EVO 3D

OtterBox Defender-Series Hybrid Case and Holster for HTC EVO 3D is rather expensive comparing with other HTC EVO 3D touch cases (its list price is $49.95), but it is often sold with discounts (now it costs $24).

It gives three layers of protection which is beneficial. Customers note the following pros of this case: rotated belt clip, high quality plastics to ruggedize the phone. It protects well the screen, the cameras (with the plastic cover on them), so that they will not be scratched. The ports are closed with rubberized hinges, except the front and back speakers. The case has a grip. The holster is included, which can be converted into a stand.

Among cons of this case it is worth mention some of them: thickness of the HTC EVO 3D in this case and its rubberized texture can make it uncomfortable to carry the device in the pocket and take it out of there. Another drawback may concern the high price. Nevertheless, the customers recommend this case as one of the best solutions to protect the HTC EVO 3D. With the current discount this case becomes affordable.


Case-mate Tough Case is another hard case for the HTC EVO 3D. It is tough hybrid case with two layers of protection – hard plastic shell and interchangeable silicone gel. The case is impact resistant, covers the back side and the corners of the phone. All the ports will be accessible in this case.

This case costs twice or thrice as much as the flexible cases and covers (the price is $13.36).



Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC EVO 3D


Case-Mate tough case for HTC EVO 3Dis another Case-Mate accessory for this phone. It provides two layers of protection – of silicone and ABS plastic. One of the pros of this phone accessory is that it covers all sides of the EVO 3D allowing access to all ports and buttons. The two tone design is stylish and good for the eye. The case is given 4.6 stars out of 5 which is rather high rank.

Now it costs $15 now instead of $35 list price, but check for current deals.




Seidio SURFACE Case with Kickstand for HTC EVO 3D


Seidio SURFACE case with kickstand for HTC EVO 3D is also rather popular among Amazon customers. It has already gained 30 positive reviews. An interesting feature of this durable plastic case, accompanied by soft-touch coating, is a kickstand which supports the phone at a certain (80°) angle.

The price however is the most expensive on a discount ($28.51 instead of $34.95 list price), if not taking into account the $50 OtterBox Defender Series case observed at the beginning of this review.



Black Rubberized Hard Phone Cover for HTC EVO 3D Protector Case


If you don’t want to buy a $30 or $50 case for your device, look at the black rubberized hard phone cover for HTC EVO 3D protector case. It can be an alternative to expensive HTC EVO 3D tough cases as it costs less than $3. It has already gained positive customer reviews despite its low price.

This EVO 3D accessory is available in different colors.

HTC EVO 3D Flexible and Soft Cases, Covers and Skins

Here are the best cases and covers for the HTC EVO 3D according to Amazon customer reviews.

Flexible TPU Skin Cover Cases for HTC EVO 3D

These cases are made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) by TPU-Cases™. This material is flexible and more durable than silicone. It is slip and abrasion resistant. It offers shock absorption. Such cases have the needed cutouts to access cameras, power button, other ports as well as 3D switch with no space at all. They are lightweight (0.8 ounces) and thin. The cases keep the phone thin, and at the same time – safe. There is a grip added to the phone not to slip out.

Drawback: the power button might be harder to press in this case.


TPU-Cases Clear GeoTPU Flexible TPU Skin Cover Case

This case is also made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane material (TPU) by TPU-Cases™. The technical features are very similar to the previous case. But it is a stylish skin cover case.

The only drawback customers note is the camera hole that is not perfectly aligned. But this doesn’t impact the quality of photos.




TPU Candy Rubber Flexi Skin Case Cover

This TPU skin case cover will protect your device from scratches and chips. It will fit the phone perfectly. Many users note the case helps avoid inadvertent switching the phone, e.g. power button, volume rocker. It also protects the camera area (camera lens, LED flash). This case is like a hard one, but flexible.




Soft Silicon Skin Case Cover

This is one of the cheap phones accessories (skins) for the HTC EVO 3D. This skin is made of silica gel, it is rather durable, gives comfortable surface of the phone and it is lightweight. It is easy to install. It also minimizes sliding on flat surface. The only drawback that customers note is that this skin is not the official HTC branded case – it is made by GT Max, and it might not fit the phone as a snug. But it costs about $0.01 (you can get it roughly free of charge).




Gel Case (VanMobileGear)

This is a hard rubber gel shock resistant skin case. It protects the phone against drops, scratches, dust, etc. It offers you the sensual touch and full access to all control buttons and ports. It is also pocket friendly and the case raps around the screen so that the phone will be protected if it drops face down. The drawback customers note is the color of the case that is not like the advertized black one – it’s transparent grey. But it fits the phone well.




Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin Case (Amzer)

This soft gel TPU case can give the HTC EVO 3D sleek look of a hard case and the absorption of shock if compared with a soft case. It is resistant to oil, harmful UV rays, corrosion, slipping, etc. It doesn’t belong to the group of cheap phones accessories, but customers recommend this case.




Rubberised Transparent Back Cover Case
This case is made of hard plastic, but it has soft rubberized cover which protects the device and offers convenience. Its back cover is transparent so you can see the back cover of the HTC EVO 3D. The case covers the edges of the phone well. It also covers the camera.

Among drawbacks customers note the smokey gray color than solid black as it is advertized, and some people recommend this case only for temporary using, because it may seem flimsy. The reason is that users can start getting less careful and drop the phone as its bottom and upper sides are not covered by this case.

HTC EVO 3D Batteries

The HTC EVO 3D phone comes with a 1730 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Its capacity is more robust noticeably than that of the predecessor – the HTC EVO 4G.

HTC EVO 3D extra long life battery


Physically the HTC EVO 4G battery seems smaller than the HTC EVO 4G standard battery despite of the fact that the EVO 3D looks similar to the EVO 4G.

If you try to keep your background data turned off, it may help you save some life time of the battery.


3D capability of this phone drains the battery life at 1 % per each minute.

Screen is also a leach of power. Capturing 3D video and 4G mode of using can also eat the battery very quickly.

The whole battery life can be less than a full day.

To extend the battery life of the HTC EVO 3D you can find an extra long life battery of 1850 mAh on sale or a new battery of smaller 1500 mAh capacity. The latter can also be used for the HTC Sensation 4G phone.