Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note

Here we’ve decided to present best screen protectors manufacturers of Galaxy Note accessories (for the international version GT-N7000) according to their average high rankings for other phones. Customer reviews are usually positive for REALOOK, SGP, Rearth Ringbo protectors and in some cases for others. That’s also the rule for the Samsung Galaxy Note accessories. Let’s observe the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note of the international version GT-N7000.

Take notice that the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 international version and the US AT&T Galaxy Note are different at the bottom of a screen protector (see the cutout for the menu button on the GT-N7000 version). See another article specifically about the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T version.


REALOOK Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Protector, Crystal Clear 2-PK (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) provides superior scratch protection, bubble free installation with the help of the detailed manual along with a high quality microfiber cloth, filament tapes and alcohol prep. Realook protectors are made from crystal crear optical PET materials which reduce 99 % of UV rays for the eyes. The protectors are very thin as if invisible. They are washable and reusable so you can reapply them which is really one of the pros of screen protectors.
On the other hand, this accessory is rather expensive. The price is $14.99 at this moment – discounted though as compared with the list price of $20.99.



You can also look at REALOOK Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Protector, Anti-Glare 2-PK (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) for $15.99 on a discount. These protectors are made from anti-glare PET materials for easy slide and anti-fingerprint. This accessory is recommended by some of the customers instead of Skinomi TechSkin protectors. Though Skinomi used to be one of the best protectors manufacturers for other phones.





Another manufacturer of the Galaxy Note screen protectors worth mentioning is SGP. There are different types of SGP protectors in the Steinheil Series.

SGP Steinheil Series [Ultra Crystal] (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) is a high quality optical enhancement film, anti-UV ray coated. Marks or fingerprints can be wiped away easily.

Its price is $15.99 at this moment, so check for discounts on this phone accessory.


SGP Steinheil Series [Ultra Fine] (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) is ultra fine matte film with the increased light transmittance from the previous model, 3H surface hardness. This ultra fine series screen protector was recommended by Galaxy Nexus accessories customers, but for the Note it is not very high ranked as for now. The price is rather high at this moment $17.99, so check for discounts on it.




SGP Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Protector Steinheil Series [Ultra Oleophobic] (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) has oleophobic or oil-resistant coating. It’s a high quality encanced optical Japanese film with anti-UV ray coating. Customers highly recommend this phone accessory – the s-pen is said to work well with this protector on and the protector really cuts down on smudges and oil from fingers or face. The most part of all reviews are 4 to 5 stars.

The price is the same as for ultra crystal protector – $15.99, but check for discounts.



SGP Steinheil Series [Ultra Optics] (GT-N7000 version) is another Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector of this series. It’s anti-fingerprint, optical enhanced protector film, also anti-UV rays coated and adds no air bubble and interference with touch-screen responsiveness. There are no sufficient reviews for this item as compared with the positive feedback for the Oleophobic and Crystal Clear protectors.

The price is $17.99 at this moment, so check for discounts on this phone accessory.



Rearth Ringbo Samsung Galaxy Note [Ultimate Clear] Screen Protector (international unlocked GT-N7000 version) is usually higly ranked by other smartphones customers. It is also anti-UV ray and anti-glare coated like SGP series, easy installable and removable and it offers extreme clarity on the GNote screen.

The price is less expensive as compared with the previous protectors – $10.99 at this moment, but check for discounts for this phone accessory.



elago High Definition Film Set for Galaxy Note + Microfiber Cleaner


An alternative solution to protect the screen of the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 is elago High Definition Film Set for Galaxy Note + Microfiber Cleaner. It costs much cheaper than SGP, REALOOK or some other expensive protectors, but has positive reviews of the Amazon customers. The price is $8.99 now on a discount (list price is $19.99). This screen guard protects without glare. Customers recommend it as a crystal clear protector for the Galaxy Note. Compare elago screen protector with the relevant SGP Ultra Crystal protector above.

The slim, lightweight Elago G4 slim fit case for Galaxy Note is one of the popular cases for this phone by the way.



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