Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G

We have searched for best screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus on Amazon’s website, but failed to find a lot of them. Out of 10 screen protectors for this phone cheap protectors turned out to be low-ranked. So here are only best screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus presented. Just compare – cheap 5-Pack EZGuardZ screen protectors cost about $2, but they have only 1.5 stars out of 5. So make your own decision what to choose.

These screen protectors can fit Verizon and Sprint versions of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as both have a 4.65 inches screen.


Among many screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus 4G Skinomi TechSkin screen protector shield has rather high ratings. Its pros include: fits the Samsung Galaxy Nexus; non-sticky surface with UV protection; made from the clear thermoplastic urethane film – material which is used to protect military aircraft; lifetime replacement program by the manufacturer which lets you replace this protector for as long as you need. Customers who bought this screen protector recommend it due to the easiness of its installation, no bubbles, and clearness. But there are some cons which customers complain of. These include a single film for a device, appearing some scratches on the film while installing it, but this may be caused due to the conditions in which customers applied it.
In most cases customers recommend this screen protector, mainly due to its low price (less than $4) and high quality.



One of the expensive protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is Steinheil Flex Series prime screen protector. It costs about $18 which is high enough for a single film comparing with other cheap screen protectors for Galaxy Nexus. This may be reasonable due to the pros of this film: 0.16 mm thickness, made from non-yellowing thermoplastic urethane; it’s soft, flexible, transparent, easiness of installing; fits the device from edge to edge.

Many users consider this screen protector the best available for the Galaxy Nexus as well as another SGP screen protector of Steinheil Series – Ultra Oleophobic.




Another popular highly ranked protector is Rearth Ringbo Verizon Galaxy Nexus [Ultimate Clear] screen protector cover film. It is not so expensive as the previous one, but it also is not cheap – $9.99.

According to customer reviews the pros include: UV protection and anti-glare coat; the film is multi-layered optical enhanced; 0.15 mm thick; easiness to install; exact fit for Galaxy Nexus guaranteed by the Rearth manufacturer (30 days money back guarantee service if you are not satisfied with it); transparency. Some users mentions cons of this protector relevant to its “thickness”, as well as dry-apply usage instead of liquid solution. But if you like static cling protectors, this product is OK.

The support department recommends paying a little bit more attention while installing the protector or if not satisfied with the product a customer may request for replacement or refund.



One more screen protector is said to be good – Halo Screen Protector Film Invisible. The price is average, not expensive – $5.95, but these are 3 clear Japanese screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus by Halo Screen Protectors. It’s also UV and scratch resistant like other ones, includes micro-fiber cleaning cloth and application card.




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